Tuesday, December 1, 2009

A few of my favorite things.

I love Christmas traditions. One of my favorite is decorating our tree. We decorate with ornaments made with photos from years past. This is a tradition that Adam has brought from his family. However after 10 years of collecting and a huge box of Adam's childhood picture ornaments that his mom gave me last year, our tree was getting a little full. So this year we're dividing them among two trees. Some for our great room and some for the kids playroom tree. I get a kick out of seeing which ones are my kids favorites. Beck loves the plastic Chrismas tree ornament with Adam in his Davis football uniform. Addy loves the homemade ornament she made out of puzzle pieces painted green and formed into the shape of a wreath. The center of the tree has her first grade picture in it. This week I've been editing and framing all of our Christmas pics to make ornaments for our great room tree. So far I only have 6 that I am using but I'm keeping them all 5X7 and so it works. (Our tree is also fat and tall and so it doesn't look too bad).

A new tradition this year I am excited about is an advent surprise calendar. Each day the kids have a message "delivered" with a special thing to do to celebrate the season. Today we are getting donuts and going on the Christmas lights tour our city puts on at the park. Most days are going to be simple things like reading a Christmas book, making hot chocolate, turning on the fire and singing Christmas songs. I am still working on my method of delivery but it should be fun.
What about you, what are some of your favorites that you have planned for the season?


Joanne said...

I love the picture ornament idea/tradition! The pictures you posted are so cute.

The advent calendar is also a great idea - my kids would love something like that.

At our house everyone gets excited about setting up all the different nativities. And Christmas music.

I can't wait to see you guys - I'm not sure what our schedule is yet. We'll definitely have to plan some get-togethers, though.

WIKKY said...

Isn't Christmas the greatest season? We love it too! Those are great pics with Santa! Hope you guys enjoyed your holiday season. Now, back to normal!!!!