Tuesday, March 3, 2009

He's here!

Charles Adam Sheffield
Born: Feb 10
Height: 21 inches
Weight:8 lbs 9 oz

He's perfect and such a good baby. I had a C-section without going into labor and I don't know if that is what made it so much easier this time but everything went great.

Of course that's when it all went crazy. The first two weeks of this little guys life in our family were a little hectic. He had pretty bad jaundice at a day old and so he had to stay in the nursery the whole time under the lights, and had to stay on a bili blanket for a few days once we brought him home. Addy and Beck both got fevers and bad coughs and so up until a few days ago, Charlie and I were placed in quarantine back in the T.V. room which I will now forever refer to as "the cave." Meanwhile Adam took care of all of us. ( Thank goodness for our parents and my sister as well as our ward!) However regardless our efforts, I still managed to get the cough and that combined with a C-section was not very pleasant. Then, Addy got an earache, got in a bike accident and chipped half of her front (permanent) tooth off (two days before school pictures). Our car had some problems. I went in for an emergency CAT scan because my doctor thought I might have a clot in my lung. Thank goodness all was well and I just have some fluid in my lung cavity (I don't know if that even makes sense but that's how I understood it) All I know is it hurts but it isn't dangerous so we're safe. To top it all off, Addy, Beck and I have each had our own post-par tum series of emotions and so each situation has brought tears and a tantrum or two (from the kids of course......me..... never).

Charles turned 3 weeks today and the past week has been uneventful and surprisingly................pleasant. We cherish the little guy and Adalynn and Beck are finally able to bond a little with their new brother and thats been a lot of fun to watch. If you've read this and there is not a picture yet, it's coming soon!