Saturday, October 11, 2008

Fancy Nancy Birthday Party!

Thanks to the help of my Mom and Audra, Adam
and I were able to pull off Adalynn's birthday
party with her friends. It was complete with Dress ups,
Pass the Purse game, Dress up Relay Races,
Fancy Craft, Dancing, Parfaits, and a Pinata!
However I must say that there is a tie between
my two favorite parts of the event.

My Mom deserves an award for her animated reading of "Fancy Nancy". She began by telling each one of the girls that they were "beeutiful!" by name and when she asked the girls who they thought she thought was the most "beeutiful", they all happily exclaimed Adalynn! She joyfully replied "No, Me of course!" And with that she won them over as they proceeded to happily sit for several minutes and listen to her tell the story of a little girl who loves everything fancy. It was very silly and very fun. Thanks Mom!

The Cute Butlers, who showed up to help serve parfaits and assist where they could. However for the "help", I will say that I found them hiding out upstairs more than once watching football. I am still giving them an award just for showing up. They are both good sports.

Happy Birthday Adalynn

Adalynn turned seven years old!
Of course we had a great time
celebrating. She got to choose
to go out for dinner wherever she wanted
and of course that took us to Chuck-E-Cheeses.
Her day was filled with special things one of which
included Adam taking the day off work. Adam, Beck, and I also
met her at school to eat lunch with her at the lunch table.
Watching her interact with the
other kids makes me realize more how
"grown up" she is. I know the day will come when she won't
think that us coming is such a great thing but
thank goodness it hasn't come yet. She was thrilled.
As we were leaving we offered to let her skip
the rest of the day and go do something fun
but she declined of course.

Friday, October 10, 2008

It's a boy!

We've known this for a while now but I've had some problems with my computer and so I have yet to make an announcement. (This also explains the large gap between this and my last post.)
We were a little surprised because every one thought it was going to be a girl for sure (except my Mom of course who is now 3 for 3). But now that we know, a boy seems like the perfect fit. We are so excited. Now we just need to figure out his name. If you have some good ideas please leave a comment!