Sunday, July 27, 2008

Mrs. Drowning, and Mr. Dying of Thirst.

I once heard something about a mom's predicament being that she often feels like she is drowning and a Father's is that he can feel like he is going to die of thirst. I loved it because it's funny and yet so true. So this weekend Adam got a tall glass of water and took the kids up to Bear Lake and stayed at his family's cabin with his brothers and their kids. (that's right, no women which in this case would be known as the cook, cleaner and "babysitter J/k) The best part is not only did they survive, they had a great time. I on the other hand got on a "float tube" with a bunch of my friends and went up to Park City to stay over night. We went to dinner, watched a movie, stayed up talking until 4, slept in until 10, went to lunch and then shopped for hours. We finally closed the day and came in to Salt Lake for CPK. It was such a short trip but enough to make me thirsty and remind me how much I love to swim (not literally of course because if you've followed my blog you would know that it scares me)

I love a good Sale!

I was raised by my mother and so for me there is nothing
better than a good sale. So here is the inside scoop...
Park City's Teenie Wahini Quicksilver store (not outlet) on
Main (I think) has all of their infant and toddler clothes
50% off. So if you're heading up to the outlets
to do a little school shopping this store might go on your list.
It's all shorts and short sleeves but I just stocked
up on Beck's wardrobe for next spring and summer. They
are still not the lowest prices for kids clothes,
but considering the price of the brand I found some good deals.

Mommy Daughter trip

Addy and I went to Long Beach to visit Audra
and her family this past week. We
had such a great time but I already miss my sister
so much. We had a fun at Newport beach. Addy wanted
to be burried in the sand "sitting up" and thanks
to Londy's help it happened. Doesn't she look
so proud of her hard work


There have been a few memorable times I've lay by Adam, heard his heart beating and experienced the overwhelming feeling of love and gratitude and yet fear for that vital organ whose simple function is to pump blood and oxygen through his body and yet keeps this man that I couldn't live without in my life. I've also had that experience with both of my kids. It's a great moment where I realize how much I need to savor each moment I have with them in this sweet time of their childhood when their heart beats so fast and yet time goes by even faster. I now can add another experience to my list........ I have been pregnant eight times, but Adalynn and Becks are the only heartbeat I have ever heard out of all my pregnancies. I usually have a miscarriage before I've gone to the doctor (12 weeks) and in the last few I miscarried before we could detect the heartbeat (8 weeks) . This week I went to the doctor and after 10 weeks of being nauseated and tired and a little discouraged with the realization that I shouldn't get my hopes up, we saw a tiny delicate heartbeat and everything changed. We are once again filled with excitement and wonder as we anxiously await the arrival of the next member of our family.