Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Mom's bedtime stories

The other night
Beck was having a hard time falling asleep and so
I came in and told him that if he would stop crying and lay down
I would tell him a story. Before I knew it I was
telling him a similar story to the ones my mom used to tell me and my siblings.
It was about 2 (no longer 5) kids that lived
on a farm and of course their names were Adalynn and
Beck (no longer Daniel, Gretchen, Anthony, Nicolas, and Audra).
They each have a dog and a horse and from there
the adventure series has taken off. I have had to come
up with double material every night because Addy hides
in the bathroom so she can hear Beck's story
and then when it's her bedtime an hour later, she
of course wants a new one.
The funniest thing is that the other day I heard Beck
telling someone about his dog, "Max."
(We don't have a dog but that's the name of his dog in his stories)
So I guess for now that will do.


Paige ~ Nate ~ Kaiden said...

What a cute mom you are...I forgot all about the bedtime stories my mom used to tell until I heard my sister saying one to my little neice! Great memories, I can't wait till I can tell Kaiden funny stories that will be a bunch of jibberish! :)

Audra & Tyson said...

I love that story (kinda reminds of Ollie's stroy about Goldie). I can just see Addy being a little sneaky, listening in the bathroom.
PS I love your hair so much in the picture on the side. I love it blonde. YOU are gorgeous, sissy gorgeous.

Becky said...

How sweet. You are such cute Mom! My kids usually prefer my stories to books too!

Ash said...

Gretch that is the sweetest thing ever. Like Mother like Daughter. Little Beck is sooo cute. And your Addalyn is just a pretty as you. Amazing. Darling Family Gretch.

Joanne said...

Your kids are lucky to have such a good story-telling mom - my kids have heard your stories before, and absolutely love them. I've never been able to come up with anything like yours.

By the way, I think you really impressed Rachel on our trip to Utah. She still talks about you all the time. The other day she drew a picture of a mom and a girl, and then told me that the girl was her and the mom was me except she had blond hair and her name was Gretchen.

Megan said...

AHHHH! So cute! You must be a good storyteller if he's still talking about his dog! What a cute mommy you are. We're coming up for the 4th and I really wanna see you guys! Email me your number. megan.mott@yahoo.com Love ya!

The Farrell Family said...

Hey Gretchen, it's Ashley (Lewis) Farrell. Your family is beautiful. What darling kids! Sounds like you guys are doing well. :)

Chad & Tenaya said...

Thanks for the reminder. I'm sick of reading Cohen's books. I think I will try this tonight. Thanks.

Tiff said...

Gretch that is so cute I love it especially Beck telling someone about his dog Max I love what kids say

Audra & Tyson said...

If you don't updat asap, there is going to be TROUBLE!