Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Sand it is

We are currently in the process of putting
our landscaping together and we have been
debating about what to do in the play area
for a while now.
Wood chips, rubber,... sand!
I never thought I would see the day but
having kids changes you or at least it helps you remember
a little better what it is like to be a kid and understand
that shiny wood floors aren't that cool and a big
castle with a bridge and an underground tunnel system full
of water is a creation that you'll remember forever.....
You should see Adalynn's eyes light up when I tell her about the
things we used to build.
So I guess it's happy playtime for them and happy mopping for me.
(At least now I can do it with a smile on my face instead of disgust
because of all the dirt!)


Tiff said...

Oh you are such a good mom! In my last house I had a little sand box for my kids and I sold it with the house because I hated it so bad - but it is true they love it!

Becky said...

Wow, a brave move but your kids will have a blast I'm sure. Now if only there was a way to keep the sand from sneaking into all those little creases and crevices (in the house and on the kids!).

Joanne said...

Ooh, I wish I could see it all done - you'll have to take a lot of pictures when you finish. I guess we came and visited a few weeks too early!