Wednesday, May 14, 2008

A little creepy

Last year Adam inspired me to train for a triathlon
and I found one that I can commit to each year.
It's a women's only sprint triathlon with all of the fun
and none of the testosterone. However, I have clearly not trained
enough in the swim this year
because when I saw a group of soon to be
certified scuba divers at the bottom of the pool last night
I almost lost it. (As in full blown anxiety attack).
I felt an uncontrollable urge to rescue them because
there was clearly no way they could breath at the bottom of the pool.
They were drowning! (I was delusional)
I tried to convince myself that they were fine but it didn't work.
The swim portion of the race is what I really struggle
with. I've heard some people talk about falling
into a rhythm but can't do it.
I get so tense while I hold my breathe.
I can't stop thinking about
I need some help or maybe just a good tranquilizer
which I'm sure I would love to have in my system while
"I'm swimming for my life!" (I convince myself
of this during my drills so I'll go faster but it probably
doesn't help the problem...)


Alifinale said...

Hey...I think the idea of a triathalon alone is freaky! So good for you to be determined enough to do one!

Kami said...

Hi Gretchen! I have been considering doing one this summer too, but it kinda stresses me out! Is yours in UT county?

P.S. I am doing a little giveaway today, you should come enter! :)

The Gardner Family said...

Gretch my sister in law had me do all the training for one. The swimming part was the part that freaked my out the I did all the hard worked than didn't end up doing it. I didn't think I would last in the lake a 1/2 mile. You could do it though Gretch. I say go for it. You will feel great:)

Joanne said...

You are so tough for doing this!

I didn't know you were worried about the swimming part - maybe we should have been working on you not freaking out instead of Rachel when we went swimming.

Audra & Tyson said...

Hey! I'm so excited for you tomorrow. I wish I was doing it with ya, but instead I'm climbing wimpy little hills that somehomw still leave my legs shaking, ha.
I didn't know the water kind of scared ya, but now it sounds familiar. I remember you told me you were very claustrophobic for Beck when he was in your womb. It's all coming back to me now. Love you!

Megan said...

Gretch, you kill me! I was laughing so hard reading that post, and I'm SO HAPPY YOU FOUND ME!!!! So ridiculous that we're all so out of touch with each other! Sucks to grow up huh, we all get busy and have kids and stuff to take care of. Anyhoo, I trained last year for a sprint tri, and loved it. But the swim is a kicker huh! Love you!

WIKKY said...

Craig and I just went up to Pinview to swim last Saturday. Atleast there was no snow right? It was so cold and creepy and dark. It all takes a little bit of practice!