Wednesday, March 12, 2008

This girl loves to talk

Adalynn loves to talk and most of the time, if she's
thinking about something and it's somewhat important to
her, she is probably talking about it and from
every angle for that matter.
This is obviously
a trait that she gets from me,
I have noticed on occasionthat she tends to wear people out.
The other day she had a friend over
and the little girl was getting annoyed with her.
It also seems to happen a lot as I'm checking out
of our grocery store. By the time we leave, the cashier
usually knows where we are going, where we've been
what our list had on it and what we are going to use it for. etc.etc.
My first impulse when I catch her in these moments
is to quiet her as gently as possible. I'm her Mom
and I want to protect her and save her from
any rejection that will ever come her way.
I was taking about a similar subject with a friend
and she was telling me about a "problem" her sister
had and she went to her mom and told her that as her mother,
she really needed to talk to her about it because it was
a problem. Her mom's response changed my perspective.
She said something to the effect of "Don't you
think she's going to get that enough. I feel like
I need to be the one person in the world that makes
her feel accepted for just the way she is."
So... I am working on being a better listener.
I could use a good trainer and I happen to
think that she is perfect for the job!


Audra & Tyson said...

For the record that beautifuk girl never wears me out and neither do you. But I know I've worn you out a time or two. Wait, is this a hidden message and you want me to be a better listener and not blab your ear off? All I can say for myself is I definately have a lot of room to grow. I've met a few people who are great listeners and I can tell they really truly listen and it truly is a remarkable quality.

WIKKY said...

Holy cow.. could her hair be any thicker? She is so cute. There is nothing better than a talker, it just means that her little brain is going a thousand miles a minute! She's a thinker and that is wonderful!

Marc said...

Gretchen - Great to hear from you! You made my wife's day with that comment about her entertaining posts, so thanks. Things seem to be well for you and your family, which, it's hard to believe, now includes two adorable kids (the fact that they're adorable isn't too difficult to believe...just weird that you're in the kids (plural) phase of life). Take care and please say hello to Anthony and Nick for me.

Tiffany said...

That is the cutest picture of her ever I love it she looks so much like you -

Joanne said...

Addy has always had such an amazing little personality. I love listening to her talk! (And you. And Audra)

Alifinale said...

GRETCHEN!!! I am so happy you found me on my blog. It has been way too long since I have talked to you. Your kids are gorgeous just like you. I am so glad you have a blog and hope we can keep in touch because I thought I lost you.

Hey, if you get a chance email me so I can get your email and find out where you are and stuff. alinicandy(at)yahoo(dot)com.

The Gardner Family said...

Gretch your little girl is so beautiful. She looks so much like you. I am dying. She is to so gorgeous. Wow. So fun. I love the whole listening factor. She is probably a great talker. That is a good thing. Super cute!

Grandma Nini said...

I love listening to my sweetie girl Addy. She is like her mom with insight and sensitivity. You will never regret being a mom who listens. Keep up the great job. Did I mention that I love you and think I am the luckest grandma and mom in the world.

Curt & Cassie Ford said...

Hi Gretchen:) I found your blog, your children are beautiful. My Hallie is the same way. She is so smart and always has a lot to share. I think it's great, but I agree that it can sometimes wear me and others out.

Paige ~ Nate ~ Kaiden said...

I found you blog on Ambers, but I just wanted to say how adorable she is! Love this picture of her! You have some cute kids!