Monday, February 4, 2008

Bikram Yoga

This weekend I went to a Bikram class. The air was
thick, hot, and smelly, and the postures
took everything I had mentally and physically (although
they didn't usually end up looking as great as this girls
posted above. ) However, it was awesome. I loved it.
I've really missed dancing lately and even though
I teach, I was interested in attending a class that would
fill that void. Yoga is great but sometimes it's more
meditative than challenging. Bikram Yoga is very
challenging and left me feeling empowered and
full of life.


WIKKY said...

Man.... if I can look like "that" after, I would totally do it!! Looks like a totally rewarding challenge! Enjoy!

Heather said...

I will do yoga if I can look like that girl.

Joanne said...

This makes me want to go to another class - I've been to one here in Austin and loved it.

Right now I'm just doing Bikram's wife's pregnancy yoga, so I get to skip the "fun" poses like this.

Haskins said...

Grecthen, I found your blog thru tiff's blog!!! I am so glad that you have one! You are so cute and so are your kids they are adorable!! I am going to add you to my blog. My blog is password protected so if you would like to see it email me at and I will email you the password
Love ya,
angie(septon) haskins

Brooke said...

Hey Gretchen. Thanks for your comments the other day...I went ahead and added a profile! :)

Kerri Johnson said...

Hi Gretchen! I found your blog through Angies. Your family is adorable! I know what you mean about missing dance...I get that craving once in a while. Love ya!

Holland said...

Hi Gretchen,
I found your blog too from Heather's. Your kids are darling. Are you still living up in Layton? We are finally moving back down to Utah County. If you want to check my blog it is
I am going to add you to mine if that is ok.
Nicole Hansen

The Gardner Family said...

Greth your a women for doing that class. That looks like it would be so hard. Oh and I love it that you teach. So neat.

Troy and Mindi said...

Hi Gretchen! I found your blog through Lindseys and just wanted to say Hi! You have the cutest little family. We really need to try to get everyone together.. I would love to catch up with you- feel free to check out our blog

JaNae said...

Gretchen...It's JaNae Your so cute and your kids are darling...Yoga is only for the strong!! You go GIRL

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