Sunday, January 27, 2008

Thank You Tyson

I don't know where Addy got her training,
but somehow she instinctively new exactly
what to do when I told her to pose for a picture
of our great new back-splash. Tyson and Audra
came up for a couple of week-ends and Tyson did
a fabulous job as you can see. Audra and I had a
fun time shopping together too. Our tile design
is a result of split decision where Adam prefers
the brick tiles and I prefer the horizontal ones.
We love the result ( We didn't get the
nickname salt and pepper for nothing)
We feel so lucky to have such a
talented brother-in-law.


Joanne said...

I love that backsplash! It's gorgeous! And so's Addy - I'm glad you put her in the picture, as she obviously did know just what to do.

I can't believe you and Adam came up with that design yourselves. Wow. And I agree, Tyson did a great job.

Audra said...

I agree, my husband did an amazing job! And what great designers you two are, you just go together like salt and pepper! Anyway I love Addy's intuitive posing abilities. I wonder who she gets that from...Oh I know, I was just reminded of a picture of a little girl about her age and she was doing a very similar pose...hmmm.