Sunday, January 27, 2008

We need a vacation!

Today at church everyone was talking about Disneyland (I guess I should first explain and say that my calling is in the nursery and this is where and with whom the conversation occured). It started when one of the dads in helping his daughter brought up that he was going to disneyland with his kids. Their kids, however, didn't know this yet and they were just going to get the car all packed and show up at school, check them out and then on their way out of town fill them in on the surprise. This whole idea made me decide that we are going to plan a vacation just to do this. I'm getting excited just thinking about Adalynn's reaction. Granted she is in kindergarten and heaven knows she doesn't need a break from school. (On Christmas break she was literally begging me to take her back to school. She's a social butterfly........ and I just can't imagine where she got it from...) But still I think this is a tradition I want to start. Now I just have to decide where to.


WIKKY said...

I have friends that just got back and were raving about how much fun their kids had and how great Disneyland is!!! I hate the lines there but the kids absolutely love it there. (especially the girls because of the mass amounts of princess' walking around!) Good luck planning!!!!

Audra said...

Oh that's sound like so much fun! I'm getting excited imagining Addys' reaction too! She would just love a surprise like that. PS I love your blog backround.

Joanne said...

That does sound fun. It reminds me of that old LDS commercial where the Dad says they can go camping but keeps putting it off, so the family gets all packed up and then makes him come out to the car to "see something" and then the Mom starts driving and off they go.

Maybe you have to have seen it for that to make sense. Anyway, it was a good surprise.