Sunday, January 27, 2008

Caught in the Act

Addy loves to look at the pictures on my camera
as soon as I take a few. When she saw this one
as we were browsing through she said
"Yes! Now I can show Daddy when he
gets home from work and Beck will
be in so much trouble." To give the
girl some credit this is quite a problem. As you
all know, Beck has a thing for holding on to our hair
and has recently discovered that pulling it is a
great way to tease his sister.


Audra said...

I'm so happy you posted stuff! I just Love those two. Poor Addy, that Beck just loves to grab hair, but she is such a great sister to him.

WIKKY said...

Oh my gosh.... I need to get more on the camera so that the kids have evidence when they are bigger that they were little stinkers to eachother. That is so great! Hope you have a great January!!!

Joanne said...

Ha ha! This picture is great, but Addy's comment about it makes it even funnier! I can just picture her saying that.