Monday, January 28, 2008

Kiss and make up

Our solution to pulling hair or any bad behavior
towards each other is that they have to say
sorry and give each other a kiss. (Addy also
has to take a time out if she was the culprit)
I realize that this system
is somewhat flawed in that Beck usually looks
like he is enjoying himself and Adalynn looks
like she is being tortured.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

We need a vacation!

Today at church everyone was talking about Disneyland (I guess I should first explain and say that my calling is in the nursery and this is where and with whom the conversation occured). It started when one of the dads in helping his daughter brought up that he was going to disneyland with his kids. Their kids, however, didn't know this yet and they were just going to get the car all packed and show up at school, check them out and then on their way out of town fill them in on the surprise. This whole idea made me decide that we are going to plan a vacation just to do this. I'm getting excited just thinking about Adalynn's reaction. Granted she is in kindergarten and heaven knows she doesn't need a break from school. (On Christmas break she was literally begging me to take her back to school. She's a social butterfly........ and I just can't imagine where she got it from...) But still I think this is a tradition I want to start. Now I just have to decide where to.

Thank You Tyson

I don't know where Addy got her training,
but somehow she instinctively new exactly
what to do when I told her to pose for a picture
of our great new back-splash. Tyson and Audra
came up for a couple of week-ends and Tyson did
a fabulous job as you can see. Audra and I had a
fun time shopping together too. Our tile design
is a result of split decision where Adam prefers
the brick tiles and I prefer the horizontal ones.
We love the result ( We didn't get the
nickname salt and pepper for nothing)
We feel so lucky to have such a
talented brother-in-law.

Caught in the Act

Addy loves to look at the pictures on my camera
as soon as I take a few. When she saw this one
as we were browsing through she said
"Yes! Now I can show Daddy when he
gets home from work and Beck will
be in so much trouble." To give the
girl some credit this is quite a problem. As you
all know, Beck has a thing for holding on to our hair
and has recently discovered that pulling it is a
great way to tease his sister.

Tickle Me Elmo

Beck warmed up to his "Tickle me Elmo"
on Christmas morning. At first he was so
confused, but by the third time you tickle
his stomache, Elmo does a gut laugh that
is great and Beck smiled and is now telling
the camera that it is funny.