Friday, November 14, 2008

Thinking white

My nesting instinct has hit as it always does the last few months of pregnancy. I cleaned our garage out by myself the day before I went into labor with Beck. Adam actually started the project but then got called away to help our neighbor retile his roof. It was a project that I knew he would be helping with all day and I was not about to let the weekend pass knowing that I could possibly be bringing a baby home with a garage in disarray. That was my rational at the time and looking back it does seem a little silly that I was determined to clear out the garage, water tanks and all, being 9 months pregnant. Though, it sure made sense at the time.

I have found myself in a similar situation in which I am dying over this living room and feel a sense of urgency over it. I love it and I really want to recreate it. I have even spent some time looking through catalogs on how to make it work in my great room. The only problem is I'm getting ready for baby number 3. I currently have a husband and two kids who love more than anything to use this room as a playground to wrestle with eachother on the floor and forget about trying to encourage any rules about balls or cartwheels not being allowed because it's really not an option, and so in white slipcovers probably aren't either.

So I have decided that my nesting instinct is probably a little off. I'm that crazy bird you might find planning a trip to fly North for the cold months until I figured out we're supposed to fly South.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Fancy Nancy Birthday Party!

Thanks to the help of my Mom and Audra, Adam
and I were able to pull off Adalynn's birthday
party with her friends. It was complete with Dress ups,
Pass the Purse game, Dress up Relay Races,
Fancy Craft, Dancing, Parfaits, and a Pinata!
However I must say that there is a tie between
my two favorite parts of the event.

My Mom deserves an award for her animated reading of "Fancy Nancy". She began by telling each one of the girls that they were "beeutiful!" by name and when she asked the girls who they thought she thought was the most "beeutiful", they all happily exclaimed Adalynn! She joyfully replied "No, Me of course!" And with that she won them over as they proceeded to happily sit for several minutes and listen to her tell the story of a little girl who loves everything fancy. It was very silly and very fun. Thanks Mom!

The Cute Butlers, who showed up to help serve parfaits and assist where they could. However for the "help", I will say that I found them hiding out upstairs more than once watching football. I am still giving them an award just for showing up. They are both good sports.

Happy Birthday Adalynn

Adalynn turned seven years old!
Of course we had a great time
celebrating. She got to choose
to go out for dinner wherever she wanted
and of course that took us to Chuck-E-Cheeses.
Her day was filled with special things one of which
included Adam taking the day off work. Adam, Beck, and I also
met her at school to eat lunch with her at the lunch table.
Watching her interact with the
other kids makes me realize more how
"grown up" she is. I know the day will come when she won't
think that us coming is such a great thing but
thank goodness it hasn't come yet. She was thrilled.
As we were leaving we offered to let her skip
the rest of the day and go do something fun
but she declined of course.

Friday, October 10, 2008

It's a boy!

We've known this for a while now but I've had some problems with my computer and so I have yet to make an announcement. (This also explains the large gap between this and my last post.)
We were a little surprised because every one thought it was going to be a girl for sure (except my Mom of course who is now 3 for 3). But now that we know, a boy seems like the perfect fit. We are so excited. Now we just need to figure out his name. If you have some good ideas please leave a comment!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Mrs. Drowning, and Mr. Dying of Thirst.

I once heard something about a mom's predicament being that she often feels like she is drowning and a Father's is that he can feel like he is going to die of thirst. I loved it because it's funny and yet so true. So this weekend Adam got a tall glass of water and took the kids up to Bear Lake and stayed at his family's cabin with his brothers and their kids. (that's right, no women which in this case would be known as the cook, cleaner and "babysitter J/k) The best part is not only did they survive, they had a great time. I on the other hand got on a "float tube" with a bunch of my friends and went up to Park City to stay over night. We went to dinner, watched a movie, stayed up talking until 4, slept in until 10, went to lunch and then shopped for hours. We finally closed the day and came in to Salt Lake for CPK. It was such a short trip but enough to make me thirsty and remind me how much I love to swim (not literally of course because if you've followed my blog you would know that it scares me)

I love a good Sale!

I was raised by my mother and so for me there is nothing
better than a good sale. So here is the inside scoop...
Park City's Teenie Wahini Quicksilver store (not outlet) on
Main (I think) has all of their infant and toddler clothes
50% off. So if you're heading up to the outlets
to do a little school shopping this store might go on your list.
It's all shorts and short sleeves but I just stocked
up on Beck's wardrobe for next spring and summer. They
are still not the lowest prices for kids clothes,
but considering the price of the brand I found some good deals.

Mommy Daughter trip

Addy and I went to Long Beach to visit Audra
and her family this past week. We
had such a great time but I already miss my sister
so much. We had a fun at Newport beach. Addy wanted
to be burried in the sand "sitting up" and thanks
to Londy's help it happened. Doesn't she look
so proud of her hard work


There have been a few memorable times I've lay by Adam, heard his heart beating and experienced the overwhelming feeling of love and gratitude and yet fear for that vital organ whose simple function is to pump blood and oxygen through his body and yet keeps this man that I couldn't live without in my life. I've also had that experience with both of my kids. It's a great moment where I realize how much I need to savor each moment I have with them in this sweet time of their childhood when their heart beats so fast and yet time goes by even faster. I now can add another experience to my list........ I have been pregnant eight times, but Adalynn and Becks are the only heartbeat I have ever heard out of all my pregnancies. I usually have a miscarriage before I've gone to the doctor (12 weeks) and in the last few I miscarried before we could detect the heartbeat (8 weeks) . This week I went to the doctor and after 10 weeks of being nauseated and tired and a little discouraged with the realization that I shouldn't get my hopes up, we saw a tiny delicate heartbeat and everything changed. We are once again filled with excitement and wonder as we anxiously await the arrival of the next member of our family.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Mom's bedtime stories

The other night
Beck was having a hard time falling asleep and so
I came in and told him that if he would stop crying and lay down
I would tell him a story. Before I knew it I was
telling him a similar story to the ones my mom used to tell me and my siblings.
It was about 2 (no longer 5) kids that lived
on a farm and of course their names were Adalynn and
Beck (no longer Daniel, Gretchen, Anthony, Nicolas, and Audra).
They each have a dog and a horse and from there
the adventure series has taken off. I have had to come
up with double material every night because Addy hides
in the bathroom so she can hear Beck's story
and then when it's her bedtime an hour later, she
of course wants a new one.
The funniest thing is that the other day I heard Beck
telling someone about his dog, "Max."
(We don't have a dog but that's the name of his dog in his stories)
So I guess for now that will do.

Playing in the mud

We went camping in Northern Utah and let's
just say it is clear that we don't do that enough
because my dear Adam being the big kid that he is
just couldn't wait to get dirty and play in the mud.
I have to admit I sure had fun spraying him
off with the freezing cold water. That's what he gets
for making me sleep all night in a tent trailor
without electricity or a bathroom right? I'm just kidding.
I really do enjoy it because I can't think of a time
that we are happier (My kids and Adam,
therefore me too).

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Ladies Man

I'm in love and
it's with this blue eyed
little man who thinks he's Spiderman
(he's never seen the show but he sure loves his jammies)
I walked in the door
and Adam said "Hey gorgeous" and
Beck enthusiastically repeats
"Hi mommy gorgeous."
He doesn't really know what
it means but every time
he does it I get
a huge smile on my face.
Ladies watch out cause this little guy
already has me feeling a little
flustered and I'm his momma.

Good bye Dino Nuggets, hello spinach salad

Spring is always a time when I get in the mood to be a lot more active and heavy comfort food sounds ... well heavy and fresh veggies sound perfect. Joanne was in town last week and I got the best recipe from her and her mom, Orva. It is a yummy spinach salad with fruit and no dressing. I was a little hesitant, but I made it for dinner and not only did I love it but my kids loved it too. I had to build momentum with Beck and explain that he had to eat a little piece of fruit with each "dinosaur leaf". After a few bites he was stuffing his mouth and laughing. He kept saying "I yike it". I want to explain that on an average day my kids will eat a piece of fruit, a healthy dose of ketchup and if I top the day off with a little applesauce, that is shamefully pretty much the extent of their daily contribution from the fruit and vegetable food group. The unforgivable part of this is when I actually try, they are both pretty good sports about it. I just need to be a little better. Thanks Joanne!

Spinach Salad

I bag of spinach chopped
( Chop spinach into small pieces)
1 cup of mixed berries, thawed (Costco blend)
1 orange chopped into bitesize pieces
1 banana sliced and then each slice quartered
1/4 cup walnets chopped

Mix all ingredients in a large bowl. Serves 2 (or 1 adult and 2 kids)
The most important part is cutting each ingredient into similar size pieces so the spinach blends well with the fruit.

Mission Completed

This weekend I completed the "Women of Steel" triathlon. Before anyone gets too impressed I should explain that it is a race you should train for but not one you necessarily have to be a great athlete to do. It's a sprint triathlon created for women only. It's a 300 meter pool swim, a 12.5 mile bike, and then a 5k race. This is my second year doing it and I can't say enough good about it. It's a great race that gets a lot of support from the community. It's all about women taking care of their health and the participants range from full blown athletes running a 5 1/2 minute average mile to women who may have overcome hard physical challenges and are possibly running/walking a 15 minute mile. I fall somewhere in between the two but being my second time it was fun to look back and try to beat my time from last year. (I did so this year was a success) For any of you that are interested they post all the information on in January. Hopefully I will see lots of you gals there next year. (Especially you Audra, Joanne, Amber....Mom!....I say we plan a sister trip around it.)
Audra just reminded me about the best part of the race. The last 100 ft of the race to the finish line I came around the corner and there was my little family cheering me on. All of the sudden I heard Adam yell "Go Addy Go" and my sweet Adalynn came sprinting up to me and grabs my hand and was literally pulling me as we raced to the finish line.
You get a cute necklace that has a tri figurine on it and she
has kept mine from last year and is excited about the one this year. She
is very proud that I particpate in these races and is for sure my
biggest fan.
During the race when it becomes sort of a mental battle, she is kind of my secret
weapon. It is very important to me that I pass on a positive body image to her
in which she values the body that she has been given and does what
she can to stay active and healthy. At the point when I need
some motivation I think of finishing strong for her and the race
becomes a cakewalk, at least mentally.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

A little creepy

Last year Adam inspired me to train for a triathlon
and I found one that I can commit to each year.
It's a women's only sprint triathlon with all of the fun
and none of the testosterone. However, I have clearly not trained
enough in the swim this year
because when I saw a group of soon to be
certified scuba divers at the bottom of the pool last night
I almost lost it. (As in full blown anxiety attack).
I felt an uncontrollable urge to rescue them because
there was clearly no way they could breath at the bottom of the pool.
They were drowning! (I was delusional)
I tried to convince myself that they were fine but it didn't work.
The swim portion of the race is what I really struggle
with. I've heard some people talk about falling
into a rhythm but can't do it.
I get so tense while I hold my breathe.
I can't stop thinking about
I need some help or maybe just a good tranquilizer
which I'm sure I would love to have in my system while
"I'm swimming for my life!" (I convince myself
of this during my drills so I'll go faster but it probably
doesn't help the problem...)

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Sand it is

We are currently in the process of putting
our landscaping together and we have been
debating about what to do in the play area
for a while now.
Wood chips, rubber,... sand!
I never thought I would see the day but
having kids changes you or at least it helps you remember
a little better what it is like to be a kid and understand
that shiny wood floors aren't that cool and a big
castle with a bridge and an underground tunnel system full
of water is a creation that you'll remember forever.....
You should see Adalynn's eyes light up when I tell her about the
things we used to build.
So I guess it's happy playtime for them and happy mopping for me.
(At least now I can do it with a smile on my face instead of disgust
because of all the dirt!)

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Anthony's Wedding

This last week Anthony got married and we had such
a great time celebrating. I love that we now have Amber
as an official member of our family. She was such a
beautiful bride and the wedding and reception were perfect.
It was a great day.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Whats in a name

Adam's mom gave her kids fun nicknames that she would use for their scrapbooks and stuff when they were little. When we were dating I loved this and I was so excited because she came up with 3 names for me and told me I could choose which one I liked. The one I chose is Gritty Gretty, always ready, Adam's Betty Mott (now Sheffield). I couldn't resist this one because I loved being referred to as Adam's Betty (I got the nickname before any of that was really talked about). Anyway this was something that was really fun while we were dating. Yesterday Adalynn found out that we both had names and she asked me to make one up for her. This is what I've come up with so far.

Tender Addy sweety girl, Grown up little Sheffield

Addy Sweety Smart little May, talking jumping Sheffield

Expressive Adalynn, A little sweety, Dreamy Super Sheffield

I think I might let her choose after I fine tune these ones and come up with 3 that really fit her personality. (This is a lifetime nick name and it needs to fit so what do you think.)

I'll figure out Beck's nickname when he is six years old. ( Most of the adjectives I come up with for him might not fit so much when he is older and he'd probably kill me later if I included something about him sucking his thumb, but it is just oh so tempting because I love it so much.)

Friday, March 14, 2008

For the Boys

I'm an Edward fan and always have been. Adam has never read the books but he is well aware of who he is and has even made a joke about him being his competition. I love Edward and have even told Adam that I feel sorry for myself that he doesn't love me like Edward loves Bella (I know I'm a dork, but I'm getting to that). Anyway yesterday I overheard a group of women who were having a conversation about how incredible he is blah blah and the thought occurred to me that I am a little crazy. Can you imagine what a fit I would throw if he "fantasized" about .... Bella. If I were ever compared to how great another woman was or even a female figure in a book, Adam would be in a lot of trouble. I guess it's been a bit of a double standard

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

This girl loves to talk

Adalynn loves to talk and most of the time, if she's
thinking about something and it's somewhat important to
her, she is probably talking about it and from
every angle for that matter.
This is obviously
a trait that she gets from me,
I have noticed on occasionthat she tends to wear people out.
The other day she had a friend over
and the little girl was getting annoyed with her.
It also seems to happen a lot as I'm checking out
of our grocery store. By the time we leave, the cashier
usually knows where we are going, where we've been
what our list had on it and what we are going to use it for. etc.etc.
My first impulse when I catch her in these moments
is to quiet her as gently as possible. I'm her Mom
and I want to protect her and save her from
any rejection that will ever come her way.
I was taking about a similar subject with a friend
and she was telling me about a "problem" her sister
had and she went to her mom and told her that as her mother,
she really needed to talk to her about it because it was
a problem. Her mom's response changed my perspective.
She said something to the effect of "Don't you
think she's going to get that enough. I feel like
I need to be the one person in the world that makes
her feel accepted for just the way she is."
So... I am working on being a better listener.
I could use a good trainer and I happen to
think that she is perfect for the job!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

For all you Jane Austen fans

I am Elinor Dashwood!
This is a fun little test. I have to admit, I was a little tempted to answer

each question according to the character that I wanted to be rather than

how I would honestly answer for myself.

Take the Quiz here!

Monday, February 4, 2008

Bikram Yoga

This weekend I went to a Bikram class. The air was
thick, hot, and smelly, and the postures
took everything I had mentally and physically (although
they didn't usually end up looking as great as this girls
posted above. ) However, it was awesome. I loved it.
I've really missed dancing lately and even though
I teach, I was interested in attending a class that would
fill that void. Yoga is great but sometimes it's more
meditative than challenging. Bikram Yoga is very
challenging and left me feeling empowered and
full of life.

Monday, January 28, 2008

Kiss and make up

Our solution to pulling hair or any bad behavior
towards each other is that they have to say
sorry and give each other a kiss. (Addy also
has to take a time out if she was the culprit)
I realize that this system
is somewhat flawed in that Beck usually looks
like he is enjoying himself and Adalynn looks
like she is being tortured.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

We need a vacation!

Today at church everyone was talking about Disneyland (I guess I should first explain and say that my calling is in the nursery and this is where and with whom the conversation occured). It started when one of the dads in helping his daughter brought up that he was going to disneyland with his kids. Their kids, however, didn't know this yet and they were just going to get the car all packed and show up at school, check them out and then on their way out of town fill them in on the surprise. This whole idea made me decide that we are going to plan a vacation just to do this. I'm getting excited just thinking about Adalynn's reaction. Granted she is in kindergarten and heaven knows she doesn't need a break from school. (On Christmas break she was literally begging me to take her back to school. She's a social butterfly........ and I just can't imagine where she got it from...) But still I think this is a tradition I want to start. Now I just have to decide where to.

Thank You Tyson

I don't know where Addy got her training,
but somehow she instinctively new exactly
what to do when I told her to pose for a picture
of our great new back-splash. Tyson and Audra
came up for a couple of week-ends and Tyson did
a fabulous job as you can see. Audra and I had a
fun time shopping together too. Our tile design
is a result of split decision where Adam prefers
the brick tiles and I prefer the horizontal ones.
We love the result ( We didn't get the
nickname salt and pepper for nothing)
We feel so lucky to have such a
talented brother-in-law.

Caught in the Act

Addy loves to look at the pictures on my camera
as soon as I take a few. When she saw this one
as we were browsing through she said
"Yes! Now I can show Daddy when he
gets home from work and Beck will
be in so much trouble." To give the
girl some credit this is quite a problem. As you
all know, Beck has a thing for holding on to our hair
and has recently discovered that pulling it is a
great way to tease his sister.

Tickle Me Elmo

Beck warmed up to his "Tickle me Elmo"
on Christmas morning. At first he was so
confused, but by the third time you tickle
his stomache, Elmo does a gut laugh that
is great and Beck smiled and is now telling
the camera that it is funny.